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▼「4.10 NO NUKES TV-7 "RADIO-ACTIVITY 2011" Level 7 Apology Mix」

▼「4.10 NO NUKES TV-7 "RADIO-ACTIVITY 2011" Level 7 Apology Mix」
 (7分35秒 2011年 日本)
[musik] クラフトワーク 「放射能(1991年版)」
[video] TEPCO "Packbot inside the nuclear reactor building of
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station" (Photos For Press)
[voice] 東京電力「東京電力からのお詫び」ほか
[remix] イルコモンズ

 .-. .- -.. .. --- .- -.-. - .. ...- .. - -..--
 T S C E R N O B Y L
 H A R R I S B U R G
 S E L L A F I E L D
 F U K U S H I M A
 Stop Radio-Activity
 Is in the Air for You and Me
 Stop Radio-Activity
 Discovered by Madame Curie
 Chain Reaction and Mutation
 Contaminated Population
 Stop Radioactivity
 Is in the Air for You and Me

 ハリスバーグ (※スリーマイル島原子力発電所事故発生地)
 セラフィールド (※旧ウィンズケール再処理施設放射性廃液漏洩地)

"Kraftwerk, German for power plant or power station, is an electronic music band from Du"sseldorf, Germany. The group's simplified lyrics are at times sung through a vocoder or generated by computer-speech software. Kraftwerk were one of the first groups to popularize electronic music and are considered pioneers in the field. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Kraftwerk's distinctive sound was revolutionary, and has had a lasting effect across many genres of modern music."

"Radio-Activity (German: Radio-Aktivita"t) is the fifth studio album by German electronic band Kraftwerk, released in October 1975. Unlike Kraftwerk's later albums, which featured language-specific lyrics, only the titles differ between the English and German editions. A concept album, Radio-Activity is bilingual, featuring lyrics in both languages."

「クラフトワーク(独: Kraftwerk=発電所の意)は、ドイツの電子音楽演奏集団、エレクトロニック・ミュージック・バンドである。初期の実験的アルバム以降の彼等の作品は各アルバムごとに明確なコンセプトが提示されており、その主題も「高速道路」「放射能」「鉄道」「ロボット」「コンピュータ」など、従来のバンドが取り上げなかった無機的・即物的なものが多い。」
by illcommonz | 2011-05-02 19:42
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