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1分42秒 日本語字幕つき







[日時] 2008年11月6日(木)19:00-
[場所] 総評会館203号室
[主催] 麻生でてこい!! リアリティツアー救援会



▼「公暴警察 PUBLIC VIOLENCE POLICE」(「Niphonese on English」より)

On November 6 three arrested participants in the “reality tour” sightseeing event were released. They had been detained for 10 days until release, though there was no danger of escape or evidence destruction. In addition, according to a blog article of the relief group [ja], one of the participants nicknamed Shibuya No.2 (渋谷2号) got serious mental abuse during police interrogation. He suffers from depression linked to Asperger syndrome; interrogators searched seized diary of him for descriptions relevant to his mental disease, and read them aloud in front of himself for harassment. The group condemned the police, calling their deed torture; Japan is a State Party of UN Convention Against Torture.

However, a great piece of work was produced through this incident. Illcommonz edited a video distributed by the relief group, added sounds and colors and turned it into a music video entitled “BRUTAL PUBLIC VIOLENCE POLICE.” He embedded this video, distributed via YouTube, in his November 6 blog post [ja], welcomed the release and demanded authorities drop the case.

At the scene of arrest a bald plain-clothes officer, probably a public security detective, orders the apprehension, repeatedly shouting loud “Kobo! Kobo!” Kobo (公妨) is the abbreviation for komu shikko bogai (公務執行妨害), which means obstruction in the execution of official duty. From this police jargon Illcommonz coined a homophone written “公暴”; “暴” means violence. He also calls koan keisatsu (公安警察), which means public security police, kobo keisatsu (公暴警察), i.e. public violence police. In the video caption, after quoting Jean-Luc Godard as saying “A beast-like government must be depicted with colors of beast” (野獣の政府は野獣の色で描かれなければならない), Illcommonz says “A beast-like police must be depicted with sounds of beast” (野獣の警察は野獣の音で描かれなければならない).
by illcommonz | 2008-11-06 13:22
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